Refugee or Muhajirun?

Muhajirun is the name of the Jihadi who wages war against the infidels by immigration to other countries. The fact that the birth rate for muslims is over 4 times that of current American citizens means that even a small amount of immigrants hostile to America can come here and multiply rapidly, overwhelming our social services and demanding changes to our way of life. Not to mention how easy it is for Muhammad Muhammad the fighter to disguise himself as a civilian. Only trouble can come from this. Get ready. 


Skull-Stomping Sacred Cows: Reality Isn’t Nice. It’s a 2×4 to the Teeth.

Most important thing you will read this year


Sam Culper posted a comment on FB recently, in light of the protests-turned-riots in Berkeley, and elsewhere, asking, “What happens when the black bloc (“anarchists”) get AR’s?” A legit question, all things considered, and one deserving of serious consideration, which we’ll get to in a moment. The problem that arose, which I, in turn, confronted in a FB post on the MG FB page, was that the responses to Sam’s questions were retarded. Seriously. The comments read like the locker room bragging of a bunch of 13 year olds, after PE class, about the hot dates they’d had last Friday night.

Seriously….these ranged from “Open season on liberals!” type macho posturing, to “they’re just a bunch of cowards who can’t do shit in a stand-up fight!”

Here’s the reality. I am going to share my response to the commentary, from Facebook, then I’m going to discuss some harsh truths that…

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